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Notepad Tricks
Notepad is an age old application. But today you will learn how to play with it and have fun. Here are few nice notepad tricks you can play with. All codes are tried and tested.

Anti-Virus Efficiency Technique

1) Open Notepad.exe
2) Copy this code to notepad :  
3) Then save the file as "" and place it in the Desktop for easy detection.
4) Your Anti-Virus Engine ought to detect this file as a virus, if it doesn't please change your Anti-Virus Engine immediately.

Bush Technique

1) Open Notepad.exe
2) Type the following in your notepad : this app can break
3) Save the file as "Lactus.txt".
4) Close the notepad.
5) Open "Lactus.txt" again. 
6) See the diff ... Read more »
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