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Notepad Tricks & Hacks
2:51:29 PM
Notepad Tricks
Notepad is an age old application. But today you will learn how to play with it and have fun. Here are few nice notepad tricks you can play with. All codes are tried and tested.

Anti-Virus Efficiency Technique

1) Open Notepad.exe
2) Copy this code to notepad :  
3) Then save the file as "" and place it in the Desktop for easy detection.
4) Your Anti-Virus Engine ought to detect this file as a virus, if it doesn't please change your Anti-Virus Engine immediately.

Bush Technique

1) Open Notepad.exe
2) Type the following in your notepad : this app can break
3) Save the file as "Lactus.txt".
4) Close the notepad.
5) Open "Lactus.txt" again. 
6) See the difference.

The reason this happens:

In notepad, any other 4-3-3-5 letter word combo will have the same results.
It is all to do with a limitation in Windows. Text files containing Unicode UTF-16-encoded Unicode are supposed to start with a "Byte-Order Mark" (BOM), which is a two-byte flag that tells a reader how the following UTF-16 data is encoded.

1) You are saving to 8-bit Extended ASCII (Look at the Save As / Encoding format)
2) You are reading from 16-bit UNICODE (You guessed it, look at the Save As / Encoding format) This is why the 18 8-bit characters are being displayed as 9 (obviously not supported by your codepage) 16-bit UNICODE characters

World Trade Center Technique

We all remember that fateful day in the US when the flight was hijacked and rammed into the World Trade Center on 9/11. The ill-fated flight was Q33N. 

But here is something that can run chill through your spine.

1) Open Notepad.exe
2) Type Q33N.
3) Change the font size to 72.
4) Then change the font to 'Wingdings'.
5) Try it. You ill be shocked. 

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