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AMD Turns 40!
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To celebrate the anniversary, AMD is launching a series of contests in the coming months to give back to its dedicated fans.

Saturday, May 04, 2009: AMD has completed its 40 years in the semiconductor industry -- 1 May 2009 marked the official 40-year anniversary of AMD’s founding by Jerry Sanders and seven co-founders in 1969. As part of the year-long anniversary celebration, the company holds a series of contests in the US and Canada as a gesture of thanks to the dedicated customers who have been, and continue to be, key to AMD’s critical presence in the processor industry. 

As a central hub for the contests and information about AMD’s history, the company has also launched a site dedicated to the 40th anniversary, with a complete timeline of AMD milestones and full details about the upcoming contests. In coming weeks, the site is also expected to feature employee and customer-generated anniversary content.

“Forty years in any industry is a major achievement, but doing so in the rapidly changing, competitive semiconductor business is an enduring testament to the dedication and talent of AMD employees and alumni,” said Dirk Meyer, president and CEO, AMD. “As the world and technology markets have changed through the years, AMD has remained focussed on enabling the next wave of applications that we expect to drive the industry. We mark our 40th year as a much different company; a company intensely focussed on designing and developing new products and platforms that combine our unique graphics and microprocessor technologies to create compelling user experiences.”

"During the past 40 years, AMD transformed itself from a second-source supplier that worked within the confines of other companies’ designs to a widely recognised innovation leader that has driven the market and kept competition alive in one of the world’s most important technology sectors. AMD takes great pride in the role of igniting next-generation technology solutions, as well as the ability to see where customer and end-user needs are headed next and then collaborate with the industry accordingly," the company stated.

To thank AMD users and celebrate the anniversary, AMD is launching a series of contests in the coming months to give back to its dedicated fans. In total, the contests will give away 80 prizes, and the lucky winners will take home some of AMD products on the market today.

The first contest is aimed at the AMD enthusiast community who rely on AMD products for their graphics and processing needs. For this contest, participants who submit brief, creative videos wishing AMD a happy birthday can be entered for a chance to win one of AMD’s graphics cards that have received positive reviews from top-notch enthusiast outlets such as Hot Hardware and HardOCP. The qualified entrants who submit the three best videos will be eligible to receive an ATI Radeon HD 4890 graphic card and 40 additional runners up will be eligible to receive an ATI Radeon HD 4650 Radeon graphics card.

Alternatively, fans can show off their AMD pride by submitting photos showing off how much they love AMD products. The top five submissions from eligible participants will win AMD’s fastest quad-core processor ever, the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition processor, which helps users unleash the maximum potential of their PCs by providing superior performance and efficiency at a price that’s hard to beat (AMD SSBP is $245). In addition, eight other qualified participants will be eligible to receive an AMD Athlon 7850 processor.

AMD will kick off two additional contests later this year, which are planned to give fans the opportunity to win AMD-powered notebook computers as well as gaming consoles like the ATI graphics-equipped Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

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