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McAfee Upgrades Enterprise Firewall Products
8:46:02 AM

McAfeeMcAfee Firewall Enterprise, McAfee Firewall Enterprise Control Center and McAfee Firewall Enterprise Profiler leverage McAfee global threat intelligence.

Friday, June 12, 2009: McAfee has upgraded its enterprise firewall products with next generation capabilities. The products -- McAfee Firewall Enterprise, McAfee Firewall Enterprise Control Center and McAfee Firewall Enterprise Profiler also feature streamlined management through integration with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) software and leverage McAfee global threat intelligence to provide world class protection, said the company. 

Next generation capabilities include significant advancements in firewall management, hybrid delivery options and integrated layers of threat protection. With the addition of McAfee Firewall Profiler, McAfee Firewall Enterprise is application and identity aware. McAfee Firewall Enterprise is the first firewall to use a global reputation-based technology, including TrustedSource reputation and geo-location to filter unwanted traffic before it hits the network-stopping attacks before they happen.

McAfee Firewall Profiler is a new capability that pinpoints in real-time how firewalls rules and rule changes impact application availability, usage and security. Profiler turns hours and days of rule creation deployment and troubleshooting work into a matter of clicks by providing administrators visibility into the business impact of rule changes. By providing an intuitive visual context based on users and applications, Profiler reduces the impact of creating or changing specific rules and helps firewall administrators implement new policies and respond rapidly to business needs. 

The revised version of Control Center and Firewall Reporter simplify management of multiple firewalls and enable more accurate audit and compliance reports. Both Profiler and Control Center now integrate with McAfee ePO software. Firewall Control Center now provides ePO software with firewall health data and reports for each firewall. 

McAfee Firewall Enterprise is now available in traditional appliance form factors, in a new virtualised hardware appliance and as a software-based firewall virtual appliance. The new McAfee Firewall Enterprise 2150 VX appliances are 2U appliances that allow customers the ability to consolidate up to 32 firewalls into one physical appliance. These new delivery options allow customers to take advantage of virtualisation technologies to lower cost and increase flexibility when consolidating datacentre and application environments and when bringing up new virtual environments.

Advancements in Firewall Management - McAfee Firewall Profiler is an innovative new appliance. It addresses the number one challenge facing most firewall administrators, the need for business context around rules, by pinpointing how firewall rules are impacting the business application availability and security. Profiler delivers application and user context to firewall rules, instantly analyzes firewall and flow data from across the network and allows administrators to automatically understand the business impact of rule, application and network changes.

McAfee Firewall Enterprise appliances are available today, starting at $4,900. The McAfee Firewall Enterprise Virtual Appliance is priced at $4900 per VMWare ESX instance. McAfee Firewall Profiler appliance starts at $19,500 and Firewall Enterprise Control Center starts at $6,900.

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