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Main » 2009 » April » 23 » Why Wait For Windows 7? Get Ubuntu For Free!
Why Wait For Windows 7? Get Ubuntu For Free!
1:57:10 PM
Thursday, April 23, 2009: The massive failure of Windows Vista left users angry and desperate for an alternative. While going for Mac is like buying a new piece of land and then build a house on it, what about PCs? Once upon a time, PCs belonged to Microsoft's Windows operating system, but times have changed now. Things are becoming obsolete. PC world is being taken over by GNU/Linux, though at a slower pace. You have heard of the good old rabbit-tortoise story, right? 

To give users a fresh breath of free air, Canonical is releasing its latest version of Ubuntu operating system which can run on your current PCs and even Macs. There are many advantages of using Ubuntu or any other GNU/Linux operating systems. The number one priority is freedom. Here you will not be bound by heft end-user licence agreement which will make you a 'pirate', a 'thief' if you give a copy of the software to your brother or a friend. We as humans are programmed to share. Sharing is the basis of our intelligence, but some proprietary companies want to curb this very human trait -- and convert us into their customers. But that's where GNU/Linux sets you free. Here once you download or get a copy of Ubuntu, you are free to replicate it and give it to as many people as you want.

Windows or Macs may cost you bomb, but Ubuntu, like most of the GNU/Linux operating systems, comes for free. You will not have to pay a single penny to get the copy. What's more, if you don't have a good download speed and you want to try Ubuntu, you can order it from their website and they will send it to you for free. Click here to order a free CD.

Now, let's see some more features. The biggest threat in Windows world is viruses. In GNU/Linux world, you will feel much more secure than sitting in a fort. GNU/Linux systems are secure by design and interestingly; you would be able to use those CDs/DVDs or other media which carried viruses. In Windows world, the moment you connect them to your machine they will damage something. The same viruses will be helpless and harmless in Linux world.

In Windows, you only get the barebone operating system -- you have to buy rest of the stuff to make your PC useful and that may cost you additional 20k. In GNU/Linux world, you get a complete system. With Ubuntu 9.04 version, you will get Open Office Suite -- a powerful alternative to MS Word; and you will also get GIMP -- a free alternative to Photoshop. Then you will get Pidgin which will enable you to chat with Google, MSN, Yahoo! users at the same time. This is just the beginning -- there are games too which you can play on GNU/Linux machines. In addition to that, if you have a good Internet connection, you can download and install many free software. Installation on GNU/Linux is now much more easier than Windows. If on Windows, you have to make six clicks to install your software, on GNU/Linux just two clicks will do. Also you must have noticed that your system gets slow over a period of time. In GNU/Linux, the more you use a system the faster it becomes.

And coming to additional software, you can listen to music through Amarok which is far more advanced than Windows Media Player. Then there is VLC which enables you to play any movie format. You have GTKpod and GpixPod to sync movies and images to your iPod. Would you believe that there are more than 22,000 software packages in the Ubuntu repository which is being backed by the mother of Ubuntu, Debian? 

Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition delivers a range of feature enhancements to improve the user experience. Shorter boot speeds, some as short as 25 seconds, ensure faster access to a full computing environment on most desktop, laptop and netbook models. Enhanced suspend-and-resume features also give users more time between charges along with immediate access after hibernation. Intelligent switching between Wi-Fi and 3G environments has been broadened to support more wireless devices and 3G cards, resulting in a smoother experience for most users.

Jane Silber, COO, Canonical, says, "With every release, we see Ubuntu Desktop Edition make significant steps forward in appealing to mainstream computer users. With access to the latest office productivity suite, support for Skype and Adobe Flash, and faster boot times, we're confident that Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop Edition will see more people join millions of others and make the switch to an open platform." 

Who would want to use Windows when there is Ubuntu? The operating system will be made available today for free download. Click here to download Ubuntu. But remember the latest version 9.04 will be made available late in the evening. So wait until it is available.

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