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Main » 2009 » April » 26 » MicroWorld Releases MailScan 6.1
MicroWorld Releases MailScan 6.1
7:17:36 PM
The MailScan 6.1 precedes its earlier versions with a collection of new and advanced features.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009:  MicroWorld has released a new version of MailScan range of antivirus, antispam and content security solution for Mail Servers - MailScan 6.1. Employing an array of intelligent filters and equipped with the NILP technology, MailScan 6.1 is said to offer powerful protection against virus, spam and phishing mails along with content security. The NILP technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyses e-mails based on the behavioural pattern of the user to prevent spam.

The new MailScan 6.1 also has an upgraded antivirus scan engine that is equipped with advanced heuristic scanner that scans both incoming and outgoing e-mails, blocking malware at the MailServer before they reach the inbox of the recipients. MailScan 6.1 also provides real-time information to the system administrators about virus outbreak alerts and spam alerts.

The scanner administrator of MailScan 6.1 allows you to perform crucial tasks like adding local primary domain, configure settings for auto-download of updates and plug Internet Explorer vulnerabilities that allow virus to enter your system. Certain types of attachments are more prone to virus infections than others. Scanner administrator also gives you options to block or allow such e-mail attachments from entering and leaving your mailing system.

Govind Rammurthy, CEO and managing director, MicroWorld, said, “Given the market conditions, one is vulnerable to internal as well as external threats. MailScan 6.1 provides superlative protection against virus, spam and phishing mails along with comprehensive content security. The unique two-way scanning function of this latest version provides the system with real-time protection with its advanced heuristic scanner, thus proving to be a great boon to novice as well as the masters in technology.”

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